Internet Fridge

In this series, I’ve taken a cheap Android tablet, glued it to my fridge, and in the process turned my ordinary old refrigerator into the fabled kitchen computer.

The software is written in C#, running as a progressive web application, on a .NET runtime compiled for WebAssembly, running in a browser, on a tablet, on my fridge. Amazing stuff.

Here it is, in several parts, with more to come.

The Internet Fridge is the future and has been for fifty years. Forget smart devices – I took a lesson from a great architect and glued a tablet to my fridge.

Internet Fridge: Living the Dream

The software on the Internet Fridge is a progressive web application. It’ll work like a mobile app but will run in any modern web browser on any device.

Progressive Fridge Applications

The Internet Fridge needs to talk to the outside world and that means security concerns. We need to think about CORS and application secrets.

Internet Fridge: The Outside World